Leather Sword Belts

We have a nice selection of high quality Sword Belts. These Sword Belts are designed to let you carry your sword with ease. Most belts allow you to hang your sword on your left or right side, or on your back. All sword belts are heavy duty and have adjustable frogs to hold almost any size scabbard. All our sword belts are handcraft and made with quality leather. Our most popular leather sword belt is the double wrapped sword belt which can be worn on either side.

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Adjustable Medieval Sword Belt

Item # 101081
This extra long period belt is made of thick top grain black leather. The Medieval Sword Belt has a fully adjustable built-in frog that allows a wide variety of LARP weapons to be carried, so you never have to be unarmed.

Broadsword Belt Right Hand

Item # OH2451
Our new sword belt is styled after 13th century examples and is capable of handling most medieval-style single-hand and hand-and-a-half swords. It is a great accent and a must-have for any swordsman.

Celtic Double Wrap Sword Belt

Item # DK2034
This is our popular double wrap sword belt with Celtic knotwork embossed on the belt. When the extra length of belt wraps around a body the second time, both hips then support the weight of the sword, providing balanced suspension.

Double Strap Belt

Item # 200258
The straps on this rapier carrier can be moved along the belt for you to angle sword to suit you best, and the sword frog is also adjustable, allowing you to easily accommodate any rapier you might prefer to carry.

Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt

Item # MCI-3336
If you wish to enhance the aesthetics of your medieval or fantasy LARP outfit, a distinctive stitched pattern on your leather sword belt will do the job. The Laced Leather LARP Sword Belt is the perfect accessory to add such a flair!

LARP Sword and Dagger Belt

Item # RT-177
The sword frog or dagger frog is a must-have for the warrior who plans on going into combat. But what about the warrior who wants both? This LARP Sword and Dagger Belt is the way to keep your favorite blades close at hand!

Leather LARP Sword Belt

Item # MCI-3300
As an adventurer, you are accustomed to wandering the countryside, your only possessions being what you can carry comfortably on your back and belt. Rest assured, the Leather Sword Belt is sturdy enough to carry a several full bags.

Louis Sword Belt

Item # MY100313
The beautifully crafted Louis Sword Belt is made out of high-quality natural leather, sewn by hand, and is secured with a wrought iron belt buckle. The end of the attached sheath is open, great for holding your favorite LARP sword.

Medieval Double Wrap Belt

Item # 200454
When the extra length of belt wraps around a body the second time, both hips then support the weight of the sword. Besides the balanced suspension, this Medieval Double Wrap Belt presents a swashbuckling appearance.

Medieval Sword Belt

Item # AH-4330
A good sword should always be kept at your side, and this Medieval Sword Belt accomplishes this task! This addition to your attire will keep your sword at your side, to complete your look and ensure that your blade is never out of reach.