The Warlords LARP Collection

Live Action Role Playing, or LARPING, is an activity for all ages. And no piece of equipment is more important that the weapon you wield. Our Warlords line of latex weapons have a realistic look and finish and are some of the finest on the market. A hard rubber handle and real suede wrapping ensures both great balance and a firm grip for complete control. The tough layered foam, high quality latex, and the specially developed paint we utilize, have been researched for long lasting play and a non-cracking finish. Police-grade Kevlar, used in our sword tips, ensures strength, durability, and safety on a thrust. Though the fiber cores of our weapons are lightweight, they command the strength to withstand excessive pounds of stress. All of the chemicals and compounds used in our weapons have been proven OSHA safe. We invite you to BRING THE ADVENTURE HOME with weapons from the Warlords Collection by Windlass! Yes, these are made by Windlass, you get a great quality LARP weapon from a trusted brand.
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LARP Elven Battle Shield

Item # 887024
This shield embodies all the elegance of the Elven civilization. The curved, wood grained finish is accented with riveted antique brass trim. It features a vertical suede wrapped, hard rubber handle for support and control.
$179.00 $161.10

LARP Eye of Doom Shield

Item # 887023
This shield has a wicked shape and is centered with a demon eye, sure to strike fear into the hearts of your foes. The steel finish is edged with in antique brass color. The vertical straps and handle allow for maximum movement.
$129.00 $116.10

LARP Kingslayer Sword

Item # 887013
This massive double handed war sword cleaves a path on any war field. The sword catchers on the blade will stop offensive moves. It features a suede wrapped, hard rubber handle for good balance and excellent control.
$85.00 $76.50

LARP Paladin Shield

Item # 887022
This shield is a classic, knightly heater shield. It features a suede wrapped, hard rubber handle with an adjustable leather strap for forearm support and excellent control. The wood grain faux finish is centered with an iron cross.
$109.00 $98.10

LARP Sword of Chaos

Item # 887018
This two handed sword has the Chaos Star emblazoned into the blade. It features a suede wrapped, hard rubber handle for balance and excellent control. It is ideal as a practice weapon, in theatrical plays, or movie props and LARP.
$79.00 $71.10