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Leather Buckle Belts

We have a large variety of leather buckle belts that are sure to be a great addition to your Medieval Garb. Our leather buckle belts are also great for that SCA re-enactments or LARP events. We offer leather buckle belts in all types of sizes, styles, and colors. Leather buckle belts give you that medieval look for a re-enactment or medieval faire. All our buckle belts are handcrafted and made with quality 7/8 ounce leather.

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Adalbert Belt

Item # MY100244
Adorn yourself with the Adalbert Belt for the perfect touch of functional finery. Made from thick leather, the details of the belt are cast in brass, lending this medieval accessory a distinguished charm and lovely goldish color.

Arthur Leather Belt

Item # MCI-325
The intriguing and attractive Arthur Leather Belt is hand-crafted from leather and features a number of intriguing designs that make it quite an impressive belt to look at and of course, it is still a totally functional belt.

Arthurian Leather Belt

Item # MCI-2209
A knight of the Round Table deserves a sturdy leather belt that is capable of holding up to their rigorous daily training and battles. Strap on the Arthurian Leather Belt and experience the dependability that comes with quality!

Artus Leather Belt

Item # MCI-326
The Artus Leather Belt is an intriguing belt that is as functional as it is visually appealing. This buckle belt is made entirely from leather and makes a great addition to almost any look, be it medieval, renaissance, or fantasy.

Baroque Buckle Belt

Item # MCI-335
Aside from being a purely practical accessory that has dozens of uses, the Baroque Buckle Belt is also a sleek and stylish accessory that matches different styles of looks. It fits well into contemporary looks as well as historical ones.

Belt for Red River Holster

Item # AC-04-227
Crafted specifically for the Red River Holster (CA-JW201), the Belt for Red River Holster will help complete a cowboy look or costume. Made from genuine leather this belt is perfect for anyone, especially John Wayne collectors.

Beowulf Leather Belt

Item # 200674
The Beowulf Belt is truly a fantastic belt made of a heavy grade brown leather, which measures a full 74 inches in length. Nickel studs adorn the belt, and it also features a fine brass buckle as decoration.

Berserker Leather Belt

Item # DK2025
Our Berserker Leather Belt is a mean looking belt, and possibly one of the coolest we have designed. The belt is crafted from 7/8 oz. leather. It is topped off with thinner overlaying straps that brace O-rings along its length.

Black Celtic Belt

Item # AH-5504
A belt is a vital part of every outfit, as it offers both functionality and the chance to add a piece of flair that shows your style. With intricate designs, the Black Celtic Belt will be a great addition to your historic ensemble.

Black Knightly Belt

Item # 200676
Our Knights belts are the perfect choice for almost any medieval knightly outfit. The extra long 70 inch heavy grade black leather belt is gorgeously accented with antiqued brass roses and heavy duty buckle.

Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt - Brown

Item # HW-701208
Adventurer, knight, merchant, or noble, the Brass Stud Medieval Cross Belt in Brown is a great accessory for both historical and fantasy looks. This handcrafted leather belt has brass studs forming crosses from buckle to tip.

Brown Celtic Belt

Item # AH-5505
A Celtic reenactor needs accessories that will add a striking detail to their historically accurate outfit. The Brown Celtic Belt features several aspects that make it a must have for those who love this culture and its style.