The Tudors rose to power in the year 1485 following the conflict known as the Wars of the Roses, a series of civil wars fought by the Houses of York and Lancaster. The first Tudor monarch was Henry Tudor of the Lancasters, who solidified his power and path to the throne by uniting the warring factions through his marriage to Elizabeth of York. However, it was perhaps his descendent King Henry VIII who made the Tudor dynasty most famous, inspiring the Showtime series titled The Tudors. The Tudor dynasty also included important rulers like Bloody Queen Mary and Elizabeth I. We carry an excellent assortment of Tudor collectibles and other products inspired by these monarchs and their rules. Our Tudor clothing works well for reenactments, theatrical performances, and costume events, as does our Tudor jewelry. Our Tudor coins include replicas of many iconic pieces of currency, while our Tudor gifts range from keychains to pencils to thimbles to miniatures and beyond. History buffs are sure to appreciate the historical style of our Tudor categories.

Tudor Clothing

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If you are looking for a line of Renaissance clothing that is fit for royalty, then you are in luck! We carry Tudor clothing in historically accurate styles that are perfect for the Ren fair, costume parties, or theatrical performances. Our Tudor apparel includes pieces for kings and queens, such as designs inspired by figures like King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and other members of the royal court. Some pieces are even inspired by the Showtime television series, The Tudors. Each piece of Tudor attire is designed with comfort and ease of wear in mind. With items like Tudor gowns, Renaissance shirts, hosen, brocade trousers, velveteen robes, silk chemises, and royal doublets to choose from, you will be sure to find excellent pieces to finish your regal ensemble.

Tudor Coins

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We offer a wide array of historical memorabilia, including a number of authentic historical coin replicas. Among our collectible coins, you can find an excellent selection based on the currency of the Tudor dynasty of England. Many of these English monarch coins are based on the historical coinage that was minted at the foundation of the Tudor dynasty or saw use throughout their rule of England. The Tudor coins represent a number of the denominations, including the sixpence, the groat, and the crown. These Tudor collectors coins are beautifully cast in pewter and then plated in gold or given an antiqued finish. As far as gifts go, this Tudor currency is great. The coin packs offer historical information packets for enthusiasts and history buffs, while other coin sets work well as gaming coins, Ren fair money, or stage props.

Tudor Gifts

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The Tudor gifts offered here are a great series of small yet functional collectibles that are perfect for history buffs and Tudor dynasty enthusiasts. Our Tudor gifts feature great detail and historical accuracy in their design, ensuring that each piece serves as a miniature history lesson. Some items depict royalty or elements of the monarchy, such as King Henry VIII, Tudor coins, or the royal seal, while others display designs from the general historical period, like our Shakespeare collectibles. We carry sword letter openers, quill pens, pencil toppers, pewter miniatures, keychains, pin badges, thimbles, and other knick-knacks perfect for enjoying the style of the Tudor period. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find excellent stocking stuffers and historical prizes to suit your needs.

Tudor Jewelry

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We offer an excellent array of Tudor jewelry inspired by the historical dynasty of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Mary I, and other distinguished rulers. We carry Tudor necklaces, Tudor earrings, Tudor rings, Tudor bracelets, and Tudor pendants inspired by the symbols and styles of these royals. Certain designs display the iconic Tudor rose, while others show the royal seal and historical coins. We carry Tudor pearl jewelry, as well as pieces decorated with colorful crystals. Crafted from fine pewter and plated with gold or given an antique finish, these Renaissance jewelry items are sure to impress with their attention to detail. Whether you are dressing up for the fair, a theatrical performance, or a costume party, this historical jewelry makes a fantastic finishing touch.