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Women's Medieval & Renaissance Skirts

Our Medieval and Renaissance Skirts go great with our long chemises, period corsets, and medieval bodices. Wear one full-length medieval skirt or layer two with contrasting colors for a great medieval look. Our Renaissance skirts and ladies petticoats are made from fine materials like soft cotton and are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Wear a gathered skirt and long petticoat for a wench ensemble, or add one of our hoop skirts underneath a paneled circle skirt for a Renaissance lady outfit. Our Saxon skirts and medieval peasant skirts ensure that you will be ready for country maiden costumes for Renaissance fairs or theatrical productions. Browse through our selection of skirts to find the perfect piece to accompany the rest of your period outfit.
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Anna Canvas Skirt

Item # MY100128
A charming addition to your medieval ensemble, the Anna Canvas Skirt suits spirited tavern wenches or staid farm wives. The ankle-length skirt is crafted from durable cotton canvas perfect for LARP events and medieval markets.

Battle Skirt

Item # MCI-3254
Lead your clan to victory against the great army that would oppress them. The Battle Skirt creates the right look for historical reenactment and LARP while offering the freedom of movement necessary to quickly strike down the enemy.

Black Ice Battle Skirt

Item # MCI-3231
For the distinguished look of a skilled warrior, wear the Black Ice Battle Skirt. This heavy cotton garment features panels of dark blue and black which are split on every side for maximum mobility during fantasy LARP combat.

Classic Medieval Skirt

It is safe to say that any historical woman would have loved to have had one of these skirts. The Classic Medieval Skirt is a well-made garment designed to basically go anywhere and do anything without being uncomfortable or awkward.

Country Skirt Cr.499

Item # YDM-CL-0053
The Country Skirt Cr.499 is available in limited quantities. It is availabe at this discounted price in only the color and sizing described here. Any accessories (belts, hats, jewelry, et cetera) pictured are not included with the listed item, unless otherwise noted.
$49.00 $44.10

Elvish Fantasy Battle Skirt

Item # BG-1074
As you lead your army onto the battlefield, a thousand orcs rushing toward you, the last thing you want to worry about is tripping over your skirt. That is why you wore the always reliable and stylish Elvish Fantasy Battle Skirt.

Enchanted Fairy Skirt

Item # MCI-4005
Our Enchanted Fairy Skirt is made from a lightweight poly-cotton blend fabric that is very breathable and perfect for long summer days at the fair. Layer two of these jagged skirts in contrasting colors for an interesting look.
$27.00 $25.50

Essential Medieval Skirt

Item # MCI-519
If your historical or fantasy persona is feminine in nature, you ought to have the Essential Medieval Skirt in you repertoire. Easy to wear on its own or layered with other skirts and petticoats, this batiste skirt is a must-have!

Floor Length Womens Petticoat

Item # 101514
When a skirt needs a bit more body, this Floor Length Womens Petticoat is the perfect accessory to have in your closet. This undergarment adds layering to your look, which makes it great for giving shape to your skirt.

Frilly Medieval Skirt

Item # DC1178
Made from rich and thick Rayon fabric, the Frilly Medieval Skirt is a heavy skirt with frilly design pattern. The five layers of large frills give an elegant look to the skirt and make it perfect for a medieval events.

Gertrud Canvas Overskirt

Item # MY100824
The Gertrud Canvas Overskirt is versatile and works with many genres. You can wear this skirt front and back. It is wonderful for layering in an outfit. This overskirt is great for a LARP event, Renaissance faire, or reenactment.

Isabell Canvas Skirt

Item # MY100445
Serve up some ale to fellow roleplayers as a barmaid at the local medieval tavern, or assist in bringing history to life at a reenactment. No matter which occasion requires your role, the Isabell Canvas Skirt gets you into character.