Oak Barrel Kits

Our oak barrels kits are perfect for the full time pirates or medieval reenactors, or anyone who appreciates the tried and true methods. In this category, you will find not only oak barrels but different accessories for them as well as kits to help you get started. Our barrels are handcrafted from American white oak and come with brass, steel or black metal hoops. The barrels hold a variety of sizes from 1, 2 and Liters to 5 and 10 Liters. All barrels have a medium toast and include a basic wooden stand, bung and wooden spigot. Age your own spirits with one of these oak barrels. They are perfect for aging mead, tequila, brandy, whiskey, scotch, bourbon or cognac. We also offer a large assortment of essence that can be used to flavor and age your liquor. If you are looking for the whole kit, we have put together Bootleg Kits that come with the barrel, stand, spigot, bung, essence, cleaning kit and funnel. These bootleg kits are great for beginners as they have everything you need to get started. To help you maintain a clean barrel, we offer a complete cleaning and maintenance kit to keep your barrel in top shape. It is suggested that you age your liquor for at least 2 weeks, and when it is time to drink, why not stay in the theme of oak barrel aging with one of our oak mugs shaped like mini barrels or one of our oak canteen barrels. The canteen barrels are great to take with you to fairs and food and wine festivals, and they come with an extra long shoulder strap for easy carrying. Never aged your own spirits before? Don't worry, our oak barrels come with instructions and are very easy to follow. These are great for beginners and experienced users alike.

Oak Barrels

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We have oak barrels. Why? Because we like authentic experiences, and there is no experience more authentic to a pirate or a medieval reenactor then sipping their very own, personally aged alcoholic spirits. After all, should not something you aged personally be the tastiest spirit of them all? For your spirit-aging endeavors, we offer a number of oak barrels that will accomplish the task quite nicely. We have a plethora of plain barrels, which come in sizes that hold either 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 liters of fluid and offer variations in the metal bands around the barrel, which come in black steel, steel, and brass. If you seek a more customized barrel, we also offer several oak barrels in 2, 3, and 5 liter volumes that feature laser-burned images across the face, adding a touch of character, and even humor, to the barrel as a whole. All of our oak barrels are crafted from American white oak, and feature a medium toast; each oak barrel also comes with a basic stand, a bung, and a wooden spigot. Our oak barrels are perfect for aging your own spirits, and work wonderfully with any of the essences we offer. In fact, we sell everything you could need, minus the actual alcohol, to age your spirits and care for your oak barrel. So what are you waiting for? Grab an oak barrel and age your own delectable spirits today!

Bootleg Kits

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Perhaps if you are a little less adventurous and less keen on the task of assembling your own supplies needed in order to age your own spirits, you can invest in one of our own bootleg kits. We have several different bootleg kits available, all of which include almost all the supplies you will need in order to age your very own spirits. Each bootleg kit includes a charred oak barrel made from American white oak, a simple wooden stand, a bung, and a wooden spigot, as well as bottles of flavored essence, a barrel cleaning kit, one funnel, and a set of easy-to-follow instructions. In fact, the only thing not included in our bootleg kits is the actual alcohol. We leave it to you to acquire that. We offer our bootleg kits in various volumes. Per each flavor, we offer a 1, 2, 3, and a 5 liter kit. And we offer a variety of tasty choices, ranging from a variety of classic rums, including spiced rum, dark Jamaican rum, and amber Caribbean rum, to various other aged liquors, including mead, Irish whiskey, orange brandy, and wild bourbon whiskey. And these are just some of the various flavors we offer in our bootleg kits. So if you are tired of the traditional spirits, or if you want to try your hand at flavoring and aging your own personal brews, give our bootleg kits a try. You might just find that you like the home-brew better than the store-bought.

Oak Canteens & Mugs

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For the busy brew master who is always on the go, there is no greater item then a portable oak barrel. But where, oh where, could any intrepid individual find an oak barrel that that is both effective and portable? Why, right here, of course! In addition to our effective and tasteful oak barrels and bootleg kits, we also offer a number of mugs and canteens, which you will find are perfect for enjoying your own tasty brews as well as for transporting your ultra-tasty aged spirits to a number of fine imbibers. Our intriguing selection of canteen barrels are hand crafted from American white oak and feature a medium toast. They hold approximately 1 liter of liquid and are perfect for aging and transporting any of your spirits of choice. Each canteen barrel includes a bung and a shoulder strap, which makes transportation a breeze. Many of our canteen barrels are also laser-burned with pirate symbols and script, making them perfect for pirates who absolutely have to have their favored spirits with them at all times. And not only are any of our mugs and canteens great for pirates, but they are also perfect for Vikings and reenactors who like do things the old way or who just happen to like flavoring their own spirits. So if you want to age and flavor your spirits and share them abroad, our oak canteens and mugs are perfect for you.

Flavoring Essence

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When you are flavoring and aging your own spirits and liquors, the flavoring essence is very important. After all, if you do not have any essence, you are really just letting neutral spirits sit around and gain age but likely not taste. So we offer a wide assortment of delectable essences which are perfect for use in any of your spirit-aging endeavors. If, perhaps, you consider yourself an experienced brew master, these essences are fantastic for use in any oak barrels you already possess - especially if you acquired your oak barrels from us! And if you are new to the wide world of personally aged spirits and liquors, then that is ok. These essences are still great for experimenting and figuring out just which flavor you prefer. Speaking of flavors, with choices that range from 3 different types of rum, 4 types of whiskey, orange brandy, and mead, you could be experimenting with flavors for quite some time, so you had best get started! Pick up one of our oak barrels, grab several bottles of our flavorful essences, and make some of your very own aged spirits today!

Barrel Stands

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Each of our oak barrels comes with a simple stand, so you might be wondering why we would even offer any other stands. The answer is fairly simple. Sometimes, while the basic variety works, not everyone is looking for something that just works. Sometimes, people with discerning taste want something that speaks to them, something that has character. And for that reason, we offer a few variations on our barrel stands. We feature barrel stands that are made for each of our specific sizes of oak barrels, and we also feature them in different materials. Our wooden barrel stands are great for adding a new look an oak barrel while still preserving the all-wood appearance. And our metal barrel stands are fantastic for adding an elegant touch while still making sure the barrel and its appearance remain as accurate to period as possible. And most importantly, none of these barrel stands interfere with the functions of your oak barrel, so even if its elevated in a beautiful wrought iron stand, the spirits within will still age properly and still taste just as good. So if you want to change the look of your oak barrel, give any one of our barrel stands a shot: you will not be disappointed.

Barrel Cleaning & Maintenance

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If you own an oak barrel, and more importantly, if you are using it to flavor and age your own spirits, then you need the items from our cleaning and maintenance section. Its just a simple fact. If you are aging spirits, you will eventually need to clean your barrel, especially if you are using one oak barrel to age multiple flavors. You would not want to compromise any of your brews, would you? Of course not! And with our total care kits, cleaning and caring for your oak barrel is a breeze - a cool, refreshing breeze that prolongs the life of your oak barrel and ensures that your spirits are not cross-contaminated by any other previously used flavors. And not only do we have a total care kit that is perfect for all of our oak barrels, but we also carry a series of replacement bungs and replacement spigots for our oak barrels, to ensure that even if you lose or damage a piece of your own oak barrel, you can find a replacement without having to replace the whole oak barrel. If you are interested in aging your own spirits and liquors, or if you already are doing so, then check out our oak barrel cleaning and maintenance section. It is the only right choice, considering that any other option could result in a terrifying mystery-brew that tastes like everything and nothing, all at once.