Wiccan Pendants

Whether you follow the tenets of Wicca or are simply fascinated by the unique mix of styles apparent in Wiccan motifs and symbolism, you can appreciate the eye-catching Wiccan pendants available here. We offer an assortment of Wiccan amulets, pagan pendants, pendulum pendants, and Wiccan lockets that create striking accessories when combined with the chain or cord of your choice, sold separately. Many of the occult pendant designs feature pentagrams and pentacles, crescent moons, the triple goddess, pagan deities, ravens, and other icons. Several of our pieces also draw upon the Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats for inspiration in their design. Take a moment to browse, and you will be sure to find something of interest!
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3D Book of Shadows Pendant

Item # CE-834-308
Modeled after a book of instructions for magical rituals, the 3D Book of Shadows Pendant is stunning. For those who are drawn to supernatural knowledge or have Wiccan beliefs, this item is the perfect accent.

3D Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant

Item # CE-834-353
The moon has always had an enchanting effect on the earth and humanity. Now you can own this beautiful image with the 3D Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant. Use this stunning item to evoke your spirit or energy of choice.

3D Triple Moon Cauldron Pendant

Item # CE-834-263
The 3D Triple Moon Cauldron Pendant elegantly captures the spirit of the goddess of fate and the moon. This item is ideal for those who are familiar with Neopaganism and want to show other wiccans where their beliefs stand.

Black Marble Dragon Claw Pendant

Item # AST-1152
Practitioners of the Dark Arts often need a focus for their magical powers. This focus can be anything from a skull to a charm. The Black Marble Dragon Claw Pendant is a fine example, as its Wiccan style lends it a magic aesthetic.

Bronze Dragon Pentacle Pendant with Garnet Accent

Item # DD-ZTP-3127-GA
In Norse myth, dragons are often guardians, either for good or ill. This Bronze Dragon Pentacle Pendant with Garnet Accent, with its Norse inspiration, is no different, featuring a duo of dragons that guard an ancient emblem.

Bronze Tree Pentacle Locket

Item # DD-ZTP-2976
This pendant is distinctive and unique, featuring a double-faced design that serves well a wide variety of styles, which makes this Bronze Tree Pentagram Locket quite the versatile accent that will enhance your look considerably.

Chalice Well Gemstone Pendant

Item # PS-TP3307
Considered a focus of peace, spirituality, and healing for people of all faiths, the Chalice Well is awe inspiring. The Chalice Well Gemstone Pendant is crafted with intricate details, reflecting its sacred beauty.

Classic Pentacle Pendant

Item # CE-802-825
The Classical Pentacle Pendant captures the tradition and essence of an ancient symbol. With clean lines this stunning item will easily enhance any outfit within your current wardrobe in ways you never thought possible.

Copper Butterfly Pentagram Pendant with White Moonstone Accent

Item # DD-CTP-3337-MS
The transformative powers of the butterfly are well-known, and its form combines well with the mystic pentagram. Plus, the two make for a stunning design, as shown by this Copper Butterfly Pentagram Pendant with White Moonstone Accent.

Copper Crescent Raven Pentagram Pendant

Item # DD-CPD-153
Ravens dark, ominous presence is synonymous with the power of fate within the occult. Few animals summon the distinctive response of this feathery emissary, but now you can, in this Copper Crescent Raven Pentagram Pendant.

Copper Wheel of the Year Pendant

Item # DD-CTP-2717
There is a bit of history and culture woven into the design of this Copper Wheel of the Year Pendant. Symbolic not of mysticism but instead of the eight major events of the pagan calendar, this pendant is quite the sight to see.

Crescent Moon Vermeil Pentacle Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone Accent

Item # DD-TPV-1608-RM
Hues of silver and gold make this amulet quite the eye-catcher, while the finer details make this Crescent Moon Vermeil Pentacle Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone Accent more than an accent, as it also has spiritual connotations.